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Introduction of Proving Ground

Proving Ground for Construction Machinery & Refit Military Vehicles of China Academy of Machinery Science& Technology is founded in July 1976 as a scientific research unit which is directly governed by former Machinery Ministry. In July 1999, Proving Ground is changed into a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise directly under the leadership of Central Government following China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology.
Proving Ground has owned 20 tests qualifications authorized and accredited by certain department of State Council since 1987. It is a state-level construction machinery quality supervision testing center which is authorized by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. It is also a national test laboratory accredited by CNAS for product inspection and import & export commodities inspection. In construction machinery and refit military & special-type of vehicles industry, we are the only specialized test & research base, and the inspection & testing center of various construction machinery, refit military vehicles, special vehicles and the special-type vehicles, industrial vehicles, aviation ground equipments, special machinery and special equipments, environmental protection machines. It has complete test qualifications, excellent test resource and facilities, advanced test instruments & equipments and perfect quality system, larger construction scale and earliest building date. We are accredited to be testing organization on following items:type-examination of the whole machine; test-bed test and examination of vital components and parts; national quality supervision and spot-check of corresponding products; inspection of commodity for import and export; science and technology achievement appraisal examination test; vehicle announcement products test; CCC certification test; recall test of imperfect vehicles; special equipment appraisal evaluation and the type-test; road vehicle fuel consumption test; construction machinery products quality control and technical evaluation; environmental protection mechanical products quality test; CE & E/e-mark certification test; quality evaluation and arbitration examination; product judicature appraisal test; military equipment test; aviation ground equipments test. We also undertake the research and verification on test technology, standards, test methods, and the development on test instrument and equipment.
Proving Ground, located among Beijing and Hebei province, including five parts:Yanqing office headquarter, Kangzhuang test area, Xibozi test area, Nanmachang test area and Donghuayuan test area, the total area of which is 230 hectares.

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